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As people continue to favour card payments over cash, it’s time for charities to change the way they accept donations.

At Tap for Change, we’ll set you up with contactless donation boxes, look after the financial processing behind the scenes, and give you the analytics behind the taps so you can make your fundraising work harder.

Make the move from cash to card donations today.

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Starting from £25 per month

Standard box


Our contactless boxes, which can be set to any donation amount you choose, are the best way to get started with contactless donations right away.

Bespoke box


We offer a bespoke branding service for the boxes to help maximise the number of donations from the public.

Premium box


We can help you devise a full marketing campaign based around our contactless donation boxes, to make contactless donations centre to what you do.

Box sponsorship


Tap for Change offers a box sponsorship scheme to help you fund your boxes. We connect charities and those who want to sponsor the monthly cost of a box to enable a new way of giving.

Find out more

Find out more

If you want to know any more about getting set up for contactless donations, please get in touch today. To process your enquiry we will pass your details on to our partner Liberty Pay.

Call: 01525 306 800


A safe and secure
device for your charity

We’re partnering with LibertyPay, the leading experts in charity payments, who have built a product and technology platform that is compliant, safe and secure – as well as ensuring they understand all of your payment needs.

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