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The journey to creating Tap for Change

How an idea to feed hungry school children led us to creating a one stop-shop for contactless donations

Tap for change: Sponsor a Box

Two years ago we started our journey into the world of contactless donations when we began developing Lunchbox.

The idea was simple – we wanted to enable someone buying their lunch to do the same for someone in need, with the simple tap of a card.

It sounded like a no brainer and we were sure there would be a contactless donations solution ready for us to use. But we were wrong. And many, many charities who got in touch with us were scratching their heads as well.

Despite the fact that 80% of people in the UK already give to charity on a regular basis, the opportunity to enable contactless donations was not only not available, it proved incredibly painful to set up.

Outside of the cost, the paperwork and the confusing payments lingo, the biggest issue is that there simply is not one organisation leading the charge to make this as simple and accessible to charities — wherever, whoever and whatever you might be.

Tap for Change is here to change the way charities take donations

After many months of hard work with an incredible payments partner called LibertyPay – we are proud to have a solution for charities to get set up with contactless donations today.

Whether your charity is large or small, Tap for Change gives you one place where you can design, set up and order contactless donation boxes.

We believe contactless donations are the future of how charities will fundraise and so we are on a mission to bring contactless donations to the mainstream for charities and consumers.

We are now looking to speak to every type of charity or fundraiser to have a discussion about how they can move from coins to cards when it comes to donations – and help bring all charities into the future of collections.

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