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From cash to contactless

Why now is the time for charities to change the way they fundraise and take donations

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Cash to contactless

The age of jangling coins in our pockets is coming to an end — and for those charities that are still relying on bucket shakers for donations from the general public need to keep up or risk losing out.

When it comes to how we pay for goods and services in our day-to-day lives, it looks like we are on the highway to a cashless society. In fact, 34% of Brits think that the UK will be cashless in the next 20 years.

And the adoption of contactless payments supports this. Last year contactless payment adoption increase three fold — with people in the UK tapping over 3 billion times and spending £25 billion through contactless payments.

Of course it makes sense — paying with contactless cards is not only quicker and easier but also psychologically less painful than paying with cash.

But, despite the rapid increase of contactless payments, charities are struggling to keep up — mainly due to the barriers to entry in the cost and effort of getting set up.

Taking contactless donations is a no brainer for charities, but unfortunately there has been no place to get set up with contactless boxes simply and cost effectively.

Tap for Change contactless donations changes all that.

Tap for Change has been set up to give charities, large and small, access to contactless donations to enable them to raise thousands more pounds for good causes.

The offer is simple — we’re a one-stop shop for contactless donations.

All you need to do it tell us how you want to use contactless donations as part of fundraising campaigns, how many boxes you would need and how you would like them designed and we, through our payments partner LibertyPay, sort out the rest.

When it comes to donations, it’s time for change.

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